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Boris Starkov

Boris Starkov was born and raised in Moscow.He finished an average russian school and successfully passed all examinations and entered the Moscow National University of Food Production , the faculty of automation.As Boris says the automation of alimentary processes was not a dream of his life.So after his graduation he started to projecting security systems.This work brought enough money but in a moral and psycological aspects it didnt satisfy him at all.
It\'s worth to mention that even being a school boy Boris loved to have a look at his grandfather\'s pipe and to smell it\'s overseas flavour.Being under profound impression of an adventurous stories about pirates future pipe maker sometimes secretly took out the precious pipe to admire it and even to clamp it between his teeth as a dashing corsair.As time has passed the grandfather\'s pipe finally setteled in a drawer of Boris\'s table.Since then we can assume the beginig of his pipe maker\'s path.Like most of the boys Boris started to smoke cigaretts first but soon he quit and started smoking a pipe. Some pipes he got as a present from his friends, others he bought himself.As a child, Boris enjoyed making anything, once he got the idea to make a pipe by himself, with his own hands. For this, he got a hobby-block (with briar and inserted mouthpiece), got the right tools and set to work.
First pipe he made Boris did not like totaly, but it was so significant to him that it still takes a special place on the shelf.Due to the fact that in Russia there are no special schools of pipe making, as in Denmark, Boris went for advice to one of the most famous pipe makers in Russia Armen Aivazovsky and began to chat with the talented Michael Revyagin.Step by step he got a certain experience and business began to run. Purchased the necessary equipment: lathe machine for hard rubber, drill, drill press and much needed in the production of pipes.For the manufacture of pipes,for Boris it takes at least three days, spending eight hours per day.The whole process of creation of pipe is entirely by hand.Within three years pipe maker Boris Starkov produced about 100 pipes that were sent to collections in Russia and abroad.
His own name Boris does not advertise at all, but in this there is no need, as it is widely known all over the world by his pipes and all of them deserves the highest ratings.
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