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Armen Aivazovsky

Armen Aivazovsky got an idea of self-realization as a pipe maker through the contemplation of the magnificent and original pipes maden by famous Western masters. Unique and regular-shaped forms of these pipes as a pieces of art attracted him to explore this magical world that was so close to his soul.
By chance in this time Tom Eltang was in Moscow, so he was asked to become a teacher of a pipe craft for Aivazovsky.The famous pipe maker replied that he would accept this offer just in case if he would like the drawings of Armen.Since that moment Armen\'s goal was to create something really special and unusual...at least, so far only on the page of album.
In 2005, during the presentation of brilliant works of Tom Eltang happened the initial meeting of Armen and the pipe maker.Tom\'s sociability and openness positively contributed to their long conversation, meanwhile Aivazovsky showed some of his scetches. Looking at them .. and pointing to the advantages and disadvantages of Armen\'s models Tom invited him to Denmark. A little later Moscow visited another famous artist from Denmark Tao Nielsen who assessed the first pipe of Aivazovsky and managed to see the potential in the developing beginner of pipe craft. Tao also agreed to teach Armen and promised to introduce him to another Danish pipe maker Paul Ilsted.
Winter 2007 Armen Aivazovsky went to Denmark, where in the small town of Svendborg lived master Paul Ilsted, Manduela and Tao. And the beginner pipe maker plunges into secrets of the craft under the guidance of a teacher Tao, in his little antique shop. His every lesson Nielsen began with the phrase \"Armen, be careful,all this is rather secretly! \" .In a few days Tao took Armen to the studio of Ilsted , who immediately, without any words brought Armen to his workplace and began to teach him how to drill flue properly. Armen was spending plenty of time in the studio of Paul Ilsted where the dane immediately gave the material to the student explaining what to do, step by step, correcting and pointing out he shared with Armen his own vision of pipe making. Aivazovsky was attracted to the artistic, magnificent elegance of lines in each of Paul\'s creations. Exactly this style of pipe making imprinted in his soul most of all.
Paul Ilsted\'s strong point - is the manual making of classic pipe, which should be perfectly balanced and shaped. Armen is very proud that he has such a teacher. After training with Paul,he moved to Copenhagen to visit Tom Eltang.Arrived there, Armen was struck by Tom\'s workroom, where he found a synthesis of the latest equipment and modern classical methods. It was well equipped, with an emphasis on maximum comfort at work, which is an esential condition for the highest quality of products.The first Eltang\'s lesson was an acquaintance with sand blaster.
After completing the lessons in handling of briar by sand blaster, they paid a lot of attention to the completion phase of handling.Exactly workroom of Tom served as an example for creating an own personal workroom of Armen Aivazovsky.
Each pipe maden by Armen in Denmark, under the guidance of his teachers, has a unique style, thanks to their great influence.
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