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Roman Kovalev (DOC)

In 1995 Roman Kovalev by absolutely unthinkable coincidence at the same time began to smoke pipe and graduated from the Medical University.Starting his medical career and becoming an inveterate pipe smoker he began to collect pipes.At the begining it was a simple machine-made pipes, then appeared hand-crafted pipes - some expensive pieces created by famous pipe makers.Little later Roman realized that such a hobby is not his cup of tea and first of all he is a pipe smoker.So at the present moment there are only simple, ordinary and handy pipes in his collection.
Roman\'s father dedicated himself to restoration of old furniture.Future pipe maker was spending a lot of time in his father\'s workroom and in consequence of it just a hobby turned into something more.
As Roman says the will to make something with his own hands was appearing from time to time.But the fear of dissapointment always stopped him. But finally his will overpowered all fears and he succeded to build his own workroom.One of the basic moments was a friendship with other pipe makers.It influenced to the choice of the equipment and tools which he is keeping to use till the present day.
Roman Kovalev makes his pipes using the Spanish and the Calabrian briar, as well as of the strawberry tree. He pays special attention to the functionality and usability,giving to the simple form it\'s own aesthetics and artistic completeness.
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