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Alexander Brishuta (Mart)

Alexander Brishuta is the ukranian pipe maker. He was born in 1970 in Zaporozhye city and following an ancient tradition like most of the young people there he got a strict metallurgical education. By the will of chance Alexander didn\'t become a metallurgist. He was \"trapped\" by the advertising industry and design with which he was engaged for a long time and has been quite successful. He was engaged to work that way as long as he found himself rather fed up with it. It happened in 2011 when such a hobby as manufacturing of smoking pipes transformed into a stable addiction. As says the pipe maker himself: \"To refuse this addiction has neither the power nor the will!\".
In spring 2009 he made his first pipe. During the year 2011 Alexander made the 73 pipes of finest quality with use of spanish \"HOM\" briar and german ebonite.
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