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Alexander Ponomarchuk

Alexander was born in the Ukraine.
In 1991 he graduated from flight school and went to Yakutia to \"plough\" the Arctic sky .
In 1998 he has done 3,600 hours flying which was enough for retirement and gave to Alexander an opportunity to return back home.
In 2002 he began to search for materials about the manufacture of pipes and soon created his first pipe. Gradually Alexander was getting the necessary equipment, experience and self-confidence in his own skills.
At the end of 2006 finally he decided to give up with the distracting work and to dedicate himself to the favorite occupation. As a result he had to buy a military work studio (trailer from the ZIL factory) and to install there all the equipment. In the begining of 2007 has appeared the first pipe with a brand PONOMARCHUK.
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