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Eugeniy Lushin

He was born in 1960 and raised in Moscow. From the first grade Eugene studied photography. He was keen on rugby.
1978-1980 he was on military service as a paratrooper-rescuer.
1981-2000 during that period he shifted a lot of different occupations.Such as a salesman, driver, fireman in a theater, manager of setting part of music ensemble, a sales representative, a motor mechanic and even had his own small business, but almost all the time his thoughts were busy with photography and the smoking pipes.
In 1981 Eugene got as a present his first pipe produced by \"Java\" factory. Design of that pipe was quite doubtful. This why he decided to order two hand-crafted pipes from the worker of same factory. And again it was proved the famous russian catch phrase \"If you want to do it well, do it yourself.\" It was 1982 and it can be considered as a initial year of his experience in the pipe craft.
\"First it were pipes especially for myself, later i started to make pipes for my friends also. During this period have happened lots of technological discoveries! Nowadays you can learn about the pipe\'s production by reading on the Internet, and even by watching videos of the production process. In those days i had to discover all secrets while i was working on pipe and by finding scant information in libraries, or try to find out the \"secret\" by repairing overseas pipes. Then I became a reader of Lenin and Polytechnic libraries and i was seating in the reading rooms all days long. And then came the moment when I realized that my pipes should not remain anonymous anymore. it was ordered a special stamp \"LOOSHIN\" and another one similar to \"Java\" factory ones - \"real briar\".
It\'s hard to define the exact date when i started to put stamp on my pipes. Approximately it was 1984. Till the year 1993 were maden about 100 pipes and not only from briar, i used to work with maple also. Maple is perfectly suits as a material, maple pipes are good to smoke but there is a significant disadvantage - this material is short-lived and not as beautiful as briar. Then there was a break, I not only stopped making pipes but even stopped smoking pipe.
In 1997 i started to smoke pipe again. Then in 2000 i began to work as a photographer. In 2002 i became a member of the Artists Union of Russia. In 2005 by chance i found out in internet that for few recent years in Russia several pipe makers are successfully running and briar is available in any quantity. I could not resist and began to make pipes again, all I have made after my return in 2005, can be found on my website pipes.loshin.ru \".
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