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Valeriy Ryzhenko (V.Beast)

Born in 1964 in Kiev, Ukraine.
Thanks to his grandfather who fostered love for working with wood in Valery. Valery\'s grandfather was a carpenter, cabinet maker who was making various things including musical instruments. In his youth he had made a wooden bicycle for himself and when his grandson Valery was born it was maden a wooden tricycle eventually Valery\'s favorite bike. And also thanks to Valery\'s father who taught him to understand and work with the technics!
Valery ha started to smoke a pipe in 1994. Also he used to repair his own pipes as well as the friend\'s ones. Being a self-taught he made the first pipe of pears wood in 2002 and also made his initial steps in manufacture of tampers, cigarette mouthpieces and other details. in 2003 it was the first experience in use of briar. Thanks to the Kiev Club of pipe smokers he got plenty of useful advices and some criticism concerning the manufacture of pipes.
The first acquaintance with the works of such famous pipe makers as Bill Ashton Taylor, Luigi Viprati, Hans Nielsen, Tom Eltang influenced his vision of manufacturing process during the Pipe Smoking Championships.
Following the Taylor\'s advice Valery uses in his work an Italian briar which is the most durable and strongest of the all existing types of briar - from the Calabria region,Italy and Tuscan briar for sandblasting. For the mouthpieces he uses german ebonite .
\"At the moment my interest transformed into a favorite, creative work. One can say that I am a happy man.\"

From the words of Valery Ryzhenko
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