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Andrey Peschkov

In 1968 in one of russian cities was born Andrey Peshkov - the ukrainian pipe maker. But in 1987 by the will of fate the ukranian city Krivoy Rog became his home town .
Love for the artistic beauty of the correct proportions of the pipe gave a spur to Andey to start making pipes. Also played an important role a pure curiosity: \" if I could do something like that?\"
And in 2009 appeared the first pipe of Andrew Peshkov. After experimenting with cherry wood and pear (all those pipes were made and gave as a presents to his friends) Andrey gradually shifts into working with briar and accordingly the purchase of equipment. Also should be mentioned such ukranian pipe makers as Konstantin Shekita and Valery Ryzhenko who took a part in the formation of Andrey Peshkov as a pipe maker and generously shared with him the subtleties and secrets of their skills.
This is how appeared one more talented and promising ukranian pipe maker who with each new pipe proves this title. Andrey keeps following the rule: Learn, learn and learn!
The material he uses is the spanish and Italian briar as well as german ebonite.
Our store offers the collection of pipes maden by Andrew Peshkov, which will be occasionally updated.
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