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Yuri Aksenov

Ukrainian pipe maker Yuri Aksenov was born in 1964, in the small town of Kramatorsk. in 1981 after graduation of high school Yuriy like most of Soviet citizens went to serve in the army. Then an artistic talent appeared in Yuriy and he was working over 10 years as a designer. Stopped for a while with the creative chapter in his life he started to work in various banks in a computer-related sphere at least for ten years. And in the same time Yuriy managed to graduate as an economist.
But what about pipe? - You should ask ... It\'s keep on to surprise Yuriy till now. Once he began to smoke a pipe and in the process of smoking his collection of pipes was constantly expanding. So Yuriy realized that in each single pipe he always wanted to shorten or to regrind some parts. And at one point he became ready to manufacture his own pipe. After the first was the second, then the third and so on. Quality of pipes was increasing with each of the finished work. As the pipe maker says himself the invaluable experience he gets by talking with other pipe makers and collectors and by an examination of their work during the competitions and exhibitions. As the material Yuriy Aksenov uses briar purchased from Yazid, spanish \"Hom\" and italian \"Mimmo\" as well as first-class german ebonite .
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